Rec gets $16K in SA funds


James Zanayed, Student Association Senate speaker, discussed SA budgeting, funding, student retention and campus recreation during a Sunday night SA Senate meeting at the Skyroom of the HSC.

By Lark Lewis

The Student Association Senate voted to give $16,000 to the Recreation Center at a Sunday meeting.

The meeting included NIU President Doug Baker talking with senators, the Senate taking action to allocate the money to the Rec and appointments of senators-at-large.

The Rec has already reduced its hours and is operating on minimal funds. Senate Speaker James Zanayed said last year, the SA said if it saved enough money in the general reserve fund it would give money to the Rec. After saving close to $80,000 last year, the SA decided to split the $32,000 in funds the Rec needed with Student Affairs. The SA voted “yes” to allocate $16,000 to the Rec.

The money will go to general operational costs of the Rec, including paying employees. Senator Alonte Holliday emphasized the importance of the Rec in regard to enrollment.

“As an orientation leader, I deal with students who already know they are coming here, and you wouldn’t believe how much the Rec comes up,” Holliday said.

Baker discussed the importance of student career success and bridging the gap between alumni and students.

“We need to prepare you for work and life after college,” Baker said.

Baker emphasized building community within the university by making a metaphorical triangle including faculty, students and alumni. By working together as a university, Baker envisions the construction of a community atmosphere between the school and the city solidifying to ultimately become a “cool college town.”

Senator Cassie Dodd agreed with Baker but added that another integral part of this triangle was missing.

“I think the triangle should be adjusted into a square to include the community leadership and civic engagement major,” Dodd said.