Pass/Fail: Troops to receive holiday surprise, Cullerton says no pension crisis

By Danny Cozzi

Pass: Troops to receive holiday surprise

The ROTC program is set to send soldiers in eastern Afghanistan care packages for Thanksgiving, according to today’s Northern Star article.

I’ve had relatives overseas during holidays in the past, and holidays without them were tough. I’m sure men and women across the world will appreciate seeing support from us.

If you’re able to donate supplies, whether it be toiletries or holiday treats, you can go drop them off at the Chick Evans Field House.

Let’s try to make the holidays as enjoyable for the troops as we can.

Fail: Cullerton says no pension crisis

Senate President John Cullerton has said the $97 billion pension deficit is not as big of a deal as people make it out to be.

The General Assembly is gearing up to return to Springfield this week, and I sure hope they don’t feel the same way about this as Cullerton does.

The deficit is a shockingly large sum of money, and it’s all owed to state retirement programs.

Unfortunately, we have politicians like Cullerton, so it’s anyone’s guess if lawmakers will work toward fixing the worst pension problem in the country.