Embrace Hipster fashion with trendy tips


By Kayla Cameron

Kayla Cameron


Don’t trade in your McDonald’s coffee for an organic chai latte to look hipster.

Rock the glasses

Not everyone has a prescription for their glasses. For those without prescription glasses, don’t fret: Buy fake glasses at stores like Forever 21 and H&M. If you’re not feeling confident in your glasses, opt for some Ray-Ban knockoffs or a pair of circle-lens sunglasses. Both of these shades are spotted often in the hipster style.

Invest in skinny jeans

Hipsters go crazy for skinny jeans; however, make sure you don’t get ones that are too skinny because they could end up looking too constricting. Buy skinny jeans in a light wash or khaki pants.

Search for the right shoes

Hipsters are all about the flat wear. Get a shoe that has some durable material. Some options for flat wear include Oxford shoes, combat boots like Dr. Martens and high-tops like Converse. Most hipsters would never choose to wear a high heel.

Know the stores

To be a hipster, you’ve got to act like a hipster, and that means know where to shop.

Most hipsters shop at thrift stores, but that isn’t always the case. Other options are American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and H&M. These are the perfect stores to get you started on your hipster wardrobe. Also, hipsters tend to shy away from mainstream fashion and go for unusual or original pieces.

Never admit

Arguably the No. 1 rule is to never admit to being a hipster. Your journey from average to a super cool inner hipster shouldn’t include bragging — save that for the mainstream junkies.