T’s make statement

By Kayla Cameron

Let your clothing make a statement for you with bold graphic T’s.

Shirts communicate messages ranging from political views and throwback rock bands. Whether the message is serious or funny, graphic T’s continue to trend. Statement clothing says a lot about someone, and it’s a different and aninteresting way of non-verbal communication.

Buying a shirt with your favorite quote or even just a clothing company’s name can connect you to others interested in the same thing. It’s advertising and you’re the billboard.

Rocking some funky patterned sweatshirts is another way to show expression. This way of dressing showcases your own style and could inspire others to be as daring as you. Try sporting some loud colors and intricate patterns that are the focal point of your outfit. Keep your accessories neutral, and wear solid-color pants in black or white.

Go bold or go home. Statement pieces are meant to make a point. These pieces are more often than not quotes or one-liners that add another layer to your outfit. Clothing from places like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters carry amazing statement shirts. Some of the shirts aren’t just for laughs, as some feature quotations by people like Albert Einstein.

Finding the right outlet through your shirts can be rewarding. The more you experiment with your clothing style and what you’re willing to wear, the more you can discover about yourself and in turn become more confident and sure of who you are.