Club finds costumes for those in need

By Porsha Stennis

Nine-year-old Susana Martin is making sure all her peers have a costume of their own this Halloween.

After scanning through a magazine, Susana Martin got the idea to create a bin for people in her community to donate used costumes to, called the Halloween Costume Club.

Now, volunteers at Feed’em Soup are helping in any way they can to make sure everyone can enjoy Halloween. The original goal was to collect 150 Halloween costumes, but 325 have been collected so far, not including donations of Halloween makeup.

“At first I ignored her idea,” said Susana’s mother, Jeanette Martin. “But once I saw her follow through with it I called Safe Passage, Hope Haven and YMCA for help and they agreed.”

Along with these groups is Feed’em Soup, a community project that offers meals to DeKalb residents of all financial backgrounds.

The Martins, having volunteered there before during Wednesday dinner service, agreed it would only make sense to team up to help further spread the word and gather donations with Feed’em Soup.

To their surprise, Feed’em Soup did more.

“We are the host and main site for children to pick up the costumes,” said Feed’em Soup volunteer Theresa Aubele. “We include them in our ‘Lexi’s Kids Corner’ on Wednesday nights. Susana and her mother wash the costumes and bring them in for display.”

Along with cleaning the costumes, Susana Martin also donated a few costumes of her own.

“I’ve given my dance recital costumes, Angry Bird one and a ice cream cone costume,” she said.

Beside hosting the Halloween Costume Club, Feed’em Soup produced fliers and created social media posts to help publicize Martin’s endeavor.

The club may gather even more, especially since the last collection day isn’t until Oct. 30.

While Jeanette Martin wants the children to find costumes and have fun while doing it, she said there is a greater importance to the costume giveaway.

“Appreciation. Appreciate what you have,” Jeanette Martin said. “We don’t think about the impact of helping others. Somebody else who might need [it] more than you do.”