Screams to come from Egyptian’s Amenti Haunted House


By Alan Kozeluh

The Amenti Haunted House at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St., opens its doors for spooks and scares on Friday.

Over the course of two weeks, volunteers have been transforming the historic theater into a winding maze.

The haunted house is an Egyptian Theatre event that features 20 scenes on six levels. Amenti is named after the Egyptian goddess who guards the world of the dead.

Marketing Director Heather Carr said the haunted house is still looking for volunteers to set up and act.

“The pacing, it’s really fast,” said freshman hospitality major Brandon Bong, who participates. “We have about 14 days to set up completely, and that’s setting up all the walls, all the props, getting it all nailed together.”

In those two weeks, the volunteers build the sets for the scenes on a track that snakes through the lobby and into the mezzanine, balcony and auditorium. The floor inside the theater area will be a platform constructed above the seats.

“We utilize every nook and cranny of the building to be able to build the haunted house in here,” said Alex Nerad, Egyptian Theatre executive director.

Volunteers playing the spooks at the haunted house will have a variety of places to hide until they are ready to spring out. Nerad said this allows for a less predictable house.

“Every group that goes through, it’s going to be slightly different,” Nerad said.

The haunted house will be open to visitors starting at 7 p.m. Friday.