Simple fashion tips to remember this autumn

By Kayla Cameron

This season’s trends are already starting to emerge. I’m here to break them down.

Warm colors

Darker hues have always been a staple for fall, but maroon and brown have been on the forefront this season. Opt for a maroon cardigan/crew neck or be daring with a brown lip stain or lipstick.


Even though it’s not cold enough to bust out that heavy winter cap you can always choose a fun-colored beanie in a lighter fabric. Having the lighter fabric during the fall keeps you warm without being too thick.


Rocking this new staple item for fall will give your outfit a fun, edgy or even sporty flare normal clothes don’t offer. You can find pleather in leggings, shoes and jackets, so take you pick.

Military style

2013 Fall Fashion Week had military-inspired outfits left and right. Camo pants and vests have been hitting stores like Forever 21 and A’GACI embracing the harder style. Women can also find items with a touch of lace or embroidery to add a more feminine touch. Guys can find jackets with cool iron-on patches and designs.


These fun little pieces of cloth can add a fun flare to any outfit and also keep you nice and toasty.

Men and women can embrace scarves in any style or fabric. Wear it tucked into a jacket or to add a cozy element to your outfit.