Letter to the Editor: ‘Drink Up’ not bad idea

By Melissa Watts

Michelle Obama stated that her cause was fighting childhood obesity, and she has been doing things to help aid in better food choices since the beginning of her husband’s presidency. For her to ask people to drink more water only makes sense. We live in a country where convenience matters and it’s easy to grab a pop, concentrated “fruit” drink or iced coffee. People drink these things, toss out the bottle and think nothing of it.

A can of Coke contains 140 calories, and its nearly impossible to find the nutrition info on their website. A McCafe Frappe Mocha from McDonald’s is 450 calories, and their strawberry shake is 550 calories. These are just some examples of the empty calories people consume on a daily basis.

When the mayor of New York City stated he was going to remove big gulps, people threw a fit. But merely asking/reminding people to drink more water is the better way to help people reduce extra calories as well as be healthier.

Staying hydrated is important and water is important for our bodies.

We are lucky enough to live in a country that has clean water. In some countries people still have to boil their water before they drink it or risk parasites/pathogens.