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A brand new Shamrock Shake rests in a dusty field on Saturday, March 12th. Shamrock Shakes are a seasonal favorite at McDonalds.

Unpopular opinion: The Shamrock Shake is disgusting

By JaMaria'h Crider, Columnist | March 15, 2022
The Shamrock Shake gets way too much hype.
Downtown DeKalb McDonalds is now hiring. They posted that employees can make $14.50 to stand out from other employers.

DeKalb restaurants struggle finding employees amidst labor shortage

By Parker Otto | January 16, 2022

DeKALB – While the COVID-19 pandemic was still a reality for Americans in 2021, some of the consequences of the pandemic have improved including a dramatic decrease in unemployment.  In April of 2020, unemployment was at 14.7% amidst a wave...

Pass: Messages around campus bring joy, Fail: McDonald’s offers semester parking

By Rachel Scaman | August 26, 2015

Pass: Messages around campus bring joyIf any students have noticed the messages written in chalk on the sidewalks around campus, they should pay attention to them.The beginning of the school year is always my favorite time of year. There’s a ton of...

Beat the heat with this Northern Star guide to cold treats in DeKalb

Beat the heat with this Northern Star guide to cold treats in DeKalb

By Northern Star staff | April 22, 2015

A cool treat like ice cream, a smoothie or juice is just the thing on a sunny DeKalb day.Here's a guide to where to grab a cold treat in DeKalb. Scroll down for photos, hours and locations, or check out this interactive map. Aspen Leaf YogurtAspen Leaf...

Letter to the Editor: ‘Drink Up’ not bad idea

By Melissa Watts | September 25, 2013

Michelle Obama stated that her cause was fighting childhood obesity, and she has been doing things to help aid in better food choices since the beginning of her husband’s presidency. For her to ask people to drink more water only makes sense. We live...

Eating well on the go not impossible

By James Casey | September 3, 2013

I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I have the feeling my schedule makes it impossible.Convinced I wasn’t alone in this feeling, I set out to ask fellow students how their dietary habits may differ when they’re on the go.“They change because you’re...

Raising minimum wage: troubles for businesses, workers

Raising minimum wage: troubles for businesses, workers

By Holly New | September 3, 2013

Fast food workers around the nation decided to strike, asking for $15 an hour, on Thursday.Robert B. Reich, former secretary of labor, said in a petition that McDonald’s and Walmart “can easily afford to pay them $15 an hour without causing...

Blotter 10/2

By Northern Star Staff | October 3, 2012

The following was taken directly from area police and fire department records, or from DeKalb County court records. Anyone mentioned is presumed innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. Oct. 2, 2012 At 12:04 a.m., officers observed a vehicle driving...

Veggie-tales create change

By Leah Spagnoli | April 18, 2012

For eight days now I’ve been a herbivore. I have accepted my own challenge as a final project for a class to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian for three weeks. Lacto-ovo meaning that I can still eat eggs and dairy, but not meat or fish. Although I’m only...

Hot Spot employee Mike Falls and owner Asif Quddus

Hot Spot celebrates 20th anniversary

By Lauren Dielman | March 18, 2012

Much changed since the Hot Spot opened 20 years ago. Asif Quddus, president and owner of the Hot Spot, 901 Lucinda Ave. Unit J, will celebrate the business’s 20th anniversary July 2. He opened the Hot Spot in 1992, two years after he graduated from...

McDonald’s is more than just fast food

By Parker Happ | February 6, 2012

What is a McReality versus a McStereotype? To some, the association of McDonald's and climbing a corporate ladder may not be synonymous, but that is not a valid. McStereotype: "Would you like fries with that?"McReality: "Would you like NIU credit with...