Stop the Miley hate

By Kayla Cameron

Society’s hatred towards some celebrities is understandable. However, frustration towards Miley Cryus is not justified..

When Cyrus started to act and dress a bit outside her perfect Hannah Montana image, parents and the world took notice. This was seen when Cyrus resigned as Hannah Montana and preformed her ever-famous “Party in the USA” at the Teen Choice Awards. During her set, Cyrus danced on top of an ice cream cart with a pole, which many saw as a stripper pole. Not long after, a video of Cyrus showed the singer and actress smoking salvia out of a bong. Everyone was so used to seeing her as an untarnished little girl that when she stared stepping out and trying more adult things (some maybe not so smart), the hate and backlash started, and it still continues.

Today, Cyrus is 20 years old, living on her own and engaged. There have been some drastic changes in Cyrus’s image, as well: A few month ago, the singer decided to chop off her long locks and dye her hair bleach blond. Instead of the media and society accepting Cyrus’s changes, a fire storm was created on the Internet with people saying she looked terrible.

Cyrus also released a music video for her summer smash hit “We Can’t Stop.” The video depicts the singer French kissing a doll and dressed wearing hot pants, and it references drugs. The media had a field day accusing Cyrus of being a major drug addict and out of control.

Stop being a hater. I understand Cyrus might not be everyone’s favorite, but instead of being negative and making rude comments, ignore her. Cyrus is a lot like other young adults her age if you think about it. She’s trying to find herself just like everyone and sometimes that means falling down a few times.