Student turns e-book author

By Ali Combs

Senior marketing major Thomas Kneifel is looking forward to graduating in December; however, Kneifel spent most of last December writing and publishing an e-book.

Northern Star: When was the book published?

Thomas Kneifel: January 8 is when I posted it on Amazon.

NS: Was it hard balancing between writing and publishing and taking classes?

TK: I had the idea and then I basically timed it so it was my project over Christmas break. I decided I wanted to do it in October, so I kept my ideas from the semester written down, so I was ready.

NS: Did you get any credits for school for doing this?

TK: No, it was just something I wanted to do.

NS: What is the most important piece of advice you offer about college life?

TK: I think it would be being able to talk to your teachers and ask what you need to ask, because they’re there to help you.

NS: What inspired you to

publish now?

TK: I’m always looking for different ways to make money, and I wanted something to challenge myself. An e-book seemed like an easy way to be an author.

NS: Do you know anyone who you’ve inspired to follow the same path?

TK: I have a friend who called me and wanted to kind of pick my brain about it. I liked that because I like when people take my advice to heart.

NS: Would you consider doing this again?

TK: I’d like to, but it’s hard picking a topic. I want to write about something I know about, because I want to be legitimate. Once I figure out that next topic, I’d totally do it again.

NS: What was the most useful resource at NIU with this process?

TK: I think it’s been the faculty, especially in the College of Business…. I feel like they really care about their students.

NS: How has being published impacted opportunities you have now?

TK: It’s certainly a good talking point, and I think it’s something good where I can pinpoint exactly what I’ve been doing.

NS: What was the hardest part of the writing and publishing process?

TK: The hardest part was pleasing myself, to be honest. If I’m going to publish something, I want it to be perfect.