Gift ideas for college grads

By Kayla Cameron

College graduation is a time when students hesitantly grab their adult pants, put them on and fasten them tight. Here are some thoughtful gift suggestions to those who are graduating college.

Red solo cups aren’t real dishware

Students who attend a university are dependent on plastic cups. This neverending process of purchasing cups can be a big waste of money. The best cups to get are the mug/cup hybrid. These cups save unnecessary dishes, come in delightful colors and are environmentally friendly.

Invest in a plant

Owning a plant is an easy way to prove you are capable of keeping something alive beside yourself. It teaches responsibility without having to deal with the pressures of raising a child; all you need is water and light. In addition, plants add a touch of freshness and openness to the apartment.

Getting business cards

Business cards are lifesavers because they make networking easy and efficient. This fancy-looking notecard can do wonders with its simple contact information. Nothing says “put together” like business cards.

Business attire.

Many college students cycle through the comfortable routine of sweatpants and sweatshirts. Dressing professional can dramatically enhance one’s chance of getting a job. Professional attire is something college graduates must adapt to even if they are not used to it.