‘Poker Night 2’ will delight card players

By David Stenger

A bodyguard, a man with a big chin and robotic arm, a dog detective and two robots walk into a bar and play cards.

Actually, there’s no punchline–that is what Telltale Games’ “Poker Night 2” is all about. The game involves sitting down with characters and playing cards. Telltale takes the idea of celebrity poker and uses popular game and TV characters who use cards as a way to relax and play poker at high stakes.

The game involves playing poker with four others: Brock Samson from Adult Swim’s, “The Venture Bros,” Claptrap from the Borderlands series, Ash Williams from the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness film series and Sam from Telltale’s Sam & Max video game series. GLaDOS from the Portal series is the dealer.

The game is a simple one: You play poker. You can choose between either Texas hold ’em or Omaha hold ’em. The rules have not been changed in any way. Everyone starts out with $10,000 and makes bets with blinds, raising the bet every once in a while if the game goes on for a long period of time.

What makes this game shine from other online poker games are the characters. Every single one has hilarious and cleverly written dialogue. They converse about what has been happening in their worlds and even ask each other questions. They sometimes involve the player in the conversation if they are impressed with a hand. The characters will challenge the player to beat their own hand or let out their frustrations toward the player if the fictional character was dealt a bad hand. It’s easy to see a lot of love was put into these characters by their funny but relevant dialogue.

What makes it so additionally interesting is the amount of unlockable items within the game. Occasionally a character doesn’t have the money to play a round and offers up some form of collateral from their own respective series. If the player is on Steam, he or she can unlock additional hats or weapon skins for different classes in “Team Fortress 2.” If a player owns “Borderlands 2,” he or she can unlock a number of character skins for the main characters.

If playing on a PS3 or Xbox 360, players can unlock new avatars or backgrounds for the characters in the game. Allowing added content shows a dedication to the fans of these games. The world isn’t just existent within “Poker Night 2;” it extends past that and into the character worlds making the game unique from others.

“Poker Night 2” is a simple game, but it’s fun to play if you enjoy poker and seeing some of your favorite characters ramble with one another through a match. The game costs $4.99 via digital download on Steam and Xbox 360. The game will not be available for download on the PS3 until April 30. The creators are also discussing plans to make it available on iOS sometime in the future. Sit down and enjoy some cards to pass the time and laugh at the hilarious dialogue between some of your favorite fictional characters.