Students should join the gaming community

By Josh Alfrey

Students should put down their books and pick up a controller because anyone can be a gamer. Not only is it really fun to do, it can also help you be more successful in other parts of your life.

Learn to notice the small stuff

If you have ever played a game, you know nothing is simply handed to you. You need to be able to work hard to achieve even the smallest, simplest task, and it is never smart to take events at face value. One important thing a gamer needs to know is pay close attention to the details of his or her environment.

Paying attention to the specifics is one of the most important lessons you learn when you start out playing a video game. Not only can small details make you stronger in the game, but they can also help you better understand the story the game is taking you through.

Within your life it is always important to look at the small details. It makes no difference if it is in class or when hanging out with friends: Paying attention to the little things can make all the difference.

Improve hand-eye coordination

A large number of games also rely heavily on hand-eye coordination and quick decision making to compete with other players or complete fast-paced tasks. Becoming a gamer will require you to be able to recognize, analyze and take action in a matter of seconds or risk taking damage or dying as a character.

“When playing a game you don’t have time to stop and think for a long time if you want to get anywhere,” said sophomore accounting major Michael Malaychuk. “You’re going to need to take action.”

Comprehend a situation and solve problems quickly

Having the ability to notice and comprehend a situation and possible solutions is another skill that can be used in everyday life. Quick decision making is important when facing conflict at places like work or school.

“It can translate to real life because you can’t just stand around forever trying to think of a way to fix a problem,” Malaychuk said. “Sometimes you need to just do something.”

Tight-knit community

One of my favorite parts about being a gamer is it allowed me to be a part of a great and friendly community. It is incredibly easy to find others who play the games you like to play, no matter the platform or the genre. Gamers out there are always willing to talk about the kinds of games they are exploring or are currently going crazy over.

The gaming community is constantly growing; don’t miss your opportunity to become a part of it.