April Fool’s Day pranking guide

By Jen Weddle

You know that annoying class clown that you secretly envied because of his or her pranking ability?

Well, you might just be able to pull pranks as well as he or she did with this April Fool’s pranking guide. And no, I’m not trying to troll you: anyone can be a prankster.

The Easter Bunny was here Sunday and now it’s time for a little pranking. The great thing about trolling is you can do it to just about anyone—anyone with a sense of humor, that is. You can prank your roommate, your friends, your professor and your cats (if you’re really that lonely) or even your sweet old grandma. It doesn’t matter because that’s what April Fool’s Day was created for. You’ve been cooped up in your tiny apartment all winter long, and now it’s time to release the troll. I’ve created a guide, something I cleverly call “The Ultimate Guide to Trolling,” for all levels of pranksters.

The Noob

Alright, so you’re new to the pranking world. It’s OK, just take a deep breath and relax.

The first thing you should know is that a troll has to have an air of confidence. That takes spunk, kid. What I mean is you should go into any situation acting like you own the place. Don’t be afraid to pull a prank or two today.

This one is really easy, but it can definitely infuriate people. You’re going to need a piece of paper, a piece of tape and a marker for this prank. Now, write “Out of Order” on your homemade sign and place it on the outside door of a restroom. Make sure no one sees you doing this. Leave class to use the restroom and pull your prank then. This is so easy you could do it at multiple buildings throughout the day.

The Somewhere-in-Betweener

You know how your roommate has been driving you insane lately? They keep eating your food, which you have clearly labeled with your initials, or they’ve just become a lazy couch blob. Well, today is the day to get them back for all those tiny annoyances and frustrations you have felt.

First, you’re going to need to grab an old cellphone. Once you’ve gained access to this, search for the alarm. Now the fun begins. Make sure the phone is fully charged and that it is on the highest volume. Set an alarm for a really odd time, like 3 a.m.

Once your roommate goes to bed, quietly sneak in his or her room and duct tape the alarm under the bed or toss it in the closet.

He or she might be a little cranky in the morning, but at least you get to sleep soundly knowing you could have a little fun with your irritating roommate.

The Expert

Have you ever seen the skit on Jackass where Johnny Knoxville pretends to be a dad who leaves his baby on the roof of his vehicle? You’re going to be doing essentially the same exact thing, except with a Starbucks coffee cup.

You’re going to need two really strong magnets, and I mean so strong Superman himself couldn’t separate these things. Then you’re going to need to get a Starbucks coffee so you can have energy for the prank and one of the essential materials you need.

Take apart the magnets and stick one on the inside of the coffee cup. Stick the other magnet on the inside of your car’s roof. Get out of the car and make sure that the magnets are sticking really well together, move the cup around and try to pull it upwards. If the cup doesn’t budge then you’re ready to start the prank. Crank up your music, roll down your windows and drive around town with the cup on your car.

Watch as people point to your roof or yell at you while you’re stopped at a red light. Warning: If you do this prank on the interstate be extra careful, and make sure the magnets don’t come off the car because they could cause damage to another vehicle.