SModCast network hosts popular podcasts

By Josh Alfrey

A world of podcasts is waiting for your leisurely listening pleasure, and it was created by the legendary Silent Bob character from “Clerks,” Kevin Smith.

Smith, an actor, director and writer, brought to the world such films as “Clerks,” “Chasing Amy,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” and now every week he releases a slew of podcasts. The SModcast network is Smith’s outlet for all the insanity and comedy floating around inside his mind.

Some of the most popular podcasts posted onto every week are “Hollywood Babble-On,” the flagship show “SModcast” and “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.” Episodes are released every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

“Hollywood Babble-On” features Kevin Smith and actor Ralph Garman recording in front of a live studio audience at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club & Podcast Theatre. Throughout the show, they discuss celebrity and entertainment news, and they do regular comedic segments. The “Hollywood Babble-On” allows Smith and Garman to interact with the audience during the show, including discussing shout-outs, pictures and videos submitted by listeners.

In the podcast “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old,” Smith brings on his “heterosexual life partner” Jason Mewes. Mewes has been struggling with addiction to many drugs throughout his life, so Kevin decided to make this podcast with him as a form of weekly intervention.

As of Wednesday, Mewes has been 1,000 days completely sober. With the help of “Jay and Silent Bob Grow Old,” Smith and Mewes help each other and teach their audience about the struggles of addiction.

In the main podcast, “SModcast,” Smith is joined by his friend and fellow producer Scott Mosier–the M in SModcast–to discuss anything under the sun. They talk about everything, from the most bizarre news to current political events. There really is no topic foreign to Smith and Mewes in this podcast. More often than not, they will talk about movies and the film industry. What else could you expect from two experienced producers? Their constant relations of film and comics to real life events make any cinefile–a person who goes into descriptve rants about movies–squeal with delight.

The Smodcast network is an amazing corner of the Internet that has provided me with countless hours of entertainment. Smith brings more than 500 free podcasts to the Internet, and each one is full of creativity and comedy. To listen to a podcast, vist his website,