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The “no internet connection dinosaur” runs in his desert landscape alongside the “no internet connection” robot underneath a “no internet connection globe” sun. Internet is a necessity to everyday life in the modern world, and there must be federally-funded programs to support internet accessibility. (Gabriel Fiorini | Northern Star)

Editorial: Internet needs federal funding in modern world

By The Northern Star Editorial Board | April 28, 2024

Many of the pandemic social service programs are coming to a close: the Affordable Connectivity Program is one of them. In recent years, internet access has become a necessity – not merely a want; thus, this program should be worked into the federal...

Movie cases line up on a dusty shelf in a college apartment. Physical copies have gone ancient due to streaming services taking off.

Modernity has erased the physical concept of art

By Parker Otto | January 24, 2022
Generation Z, in spite of all of their technological toys, has no things.

Here’s how NIU students reacted on Twitter when faced with a campus without Internet

By Northern Star staff | March 2, 2015

NIU's Internet was down the Monday morning of midterms week. Students may have assumed the apocalypse was nigh. [View the story "Here's how NIU students react when faced with a campus without Internet" on Storify]

Pass/Fail: Obama supports net neutrality; Bottled water not poor choice

By Taylor Reese | November 13, 2014

Pass: Obama supports net neutralityNet neutrality is an issue every student should support because it keeps big businesses from taking over the speed of the Internet.Private companies wish to restrict Internet speed for financial gain and make customers...

Weekly Gripe: Campus Internet in city overdue

By Carl Nadig | October 23, 2014

NIU should’ve started expanding its wireless network to the downtown DeKalb area years ago to strengthen the relationship between the campus and city, establishing a “communiversity” with the campus Internet as the link.The Division of Information...

Pass/Fail: Campus Wi-Fi trying to go to city; Fair offers little hope for fine arts

By Taylor Reese | October 22, 2014

Pass: Campus Wi-Fi trying to go to cityThe university is taking steps to expand its Wi-Fi.Areas around Huskie Stadium and downtown DeKalb may get Wi-Fi if CIO Brett Coryell’s ideas come to fruition.If NIU doesn’t extend its Internet, DeKalb could...

Internet policy needs deadlines

By Northern Star Editorial Board | September 17, 2014

The Computing Facilities Advisory Committee and Chief information Officer Brett Coryell needs to set deadlines for revising the language in NIU’s Acceptable Use Policy.The university’s Acceptable Use Policy enforces use of NIU’s Internet network...

Christianah Olojede, junior rehabilitation service major; Megan Taylor, junior rehab counseling major; and Nicoya Parer, senior public health major, work on a group presentation for their counseling class Thursday in the computer lab of Founders Memorial Library.

NIU changing Internet use policy for students

By Kelly Bauer | August 26, 2014

Students don’t have to worry about going without pornography or Twitter: NIU is clearing up its Acceptable Use Policy to make it clear students can access social media, explicit material and other sites without worrying about a firewall or warning signs...

New iPhone due out, cell obsession lives on

New iPhone due out, cell obsession lives on

By Anthony Szudarski | September 18, 2013

I’m worried we focus too much on convenience with our phones today.The Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be available to the public Friday. With so many news agencies reporting on the new models, I wonder why the phones are such a big deal.Alexander...

NIU looks to improve Wi-Fi services

By Julia Boyle | April 16, 2013

Help is on the way for Wi-Fi problems on campus, said Jan Gerenstein, associate director of residential technology. Gerenstein said the current system has its flaws. Matt Parks, Information Technology Services (ITS) director of network services, said...

SModCast network hosts popular podcasts

By Josh Alfrey | March 27, 2013

A world of podcasts is waiting for your leisurely listening pleasure, and it was created by the legendary Silent Bob character from “Clerks,” Kevin Smith. Smith, an actor, director and writer, brought to the world such films as “Clerks,” “Chasing...

Stay safe while using free Internet

By Kachan Singh | February 17, 2013

People tend to take their laptop when they travel in order to keep in touch using free Internet over Wi-Fi. Great, right? It depends. Convenience is nice but you should start getting a little paranoid about your computer’s security. Using unsecured...