Authentic Mexican cuisine beats Taco Bell

By Aymie Telinski

Taco bell has a new taco with a cool-ranch-flavored shell, and I wanted to see how it compared to local restaurants like El Burrito Loco and Eduardo’s, which serve authentic Mexican cuisine.

If the new taco at Taco Bell isn’t tickling your taste buds, Eduardo’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar, 214 E. Lincoln Highway, has a great selection of tacos. My personal favorite is Ed’s Fish Tacos, which have pieces of breaded fish, cabbage, pineapple, onion, cilantro and a spicy cream sauce. If I had to choose where I would want to go get tacos from I would choose Eduardo’s because the restaurant has a great atmosphere. I love all the fresh ingredients they use and the service is amazing.

El Burrito Loco, 185 W. Lincoln Highway, also has tacos that are die for. They are reasonably priced, especially on a college budget. My favorite tacos to get there are the steak and chicken. These tacos are around $2 and come topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese and your choice of either steak or chicken. El Burrito Loco is amazing just to order ahead of time and go and pick up my food. They deliver super late, so even if I’m up late studying I can eat something delicious.

“Eduardo’s and El Burrito Loco are more authentic, and its a better atmosphere than a fast food place,” said senior psychologoy major Jacquelyn Chirico. “And I’m promoting a local business rather than a corporate giant.”

The nacho-flavored taco was the most delicious thing Taco Bell has ever produced, or so I thought. After a few months of enjoying the Locos taco, I thought when is the cool ranch flavor going to come out? Apparently Taco Bell was thinking the same thing.

The first time I tried a cool ranch taco I liked the taste of it, but the after taste was horrible. When I went home that night I had to brush my teeth to get the taste out of my mouth. I did go back after the taco had been out for a few days. I enjoyed it much more the next time.

Fans of the new cool ranch taco do emerge and have positive things to say about the recent flavor addition.

“Just when you thought taco bell couldn’t top the Doritos Locos taco,” said 19-year-old Kyle Sudges of Aurora. “They definitely did it again with the new Cool Ranch.”

I think I’m going to stick with getting tacos from local places like Eduardo’s and El Burrito Loco. The tacos from local restaurants are just way too delicious, and it’s better than risking my appetite on chain restaurants like Taco bell.