NIU wrestlers to compete in MAC tournament

By Ed Rietveld

Even though spring break starts this weekend, 10 wrestlers will not have the luxury of a break as they will be competing in the MAC conference tournament Sunday at the University of Buffalo.

Head coach Ryan Ludwig said it is crucial the competing wrestlers peak at the right time.

“Clearly, it’s very important; that’s what our training plan is based on,” Ludwig said. “…The plan has been set. Now we just have to believe in it as individuals and go on out there and compete as hard as we can.”

Ludwig said the wrestlers used their week off following their last dual meet to help train.

“Well, last week we had a very heavy week of training and this week will be very light,” Ludwig said. “[I think] we’re already at that peak. Of course, we’ve been training for this week since August and right now technically wise…we’ve been focusing on the details of our wrestling and making sure that all of our techniques are extremely refined.”