Local bands to celebrate associate professor’s birthday

By Deanna Frances

Music is the universal language of the world. This is especially true for bringing all kinds of people together–particularly for a musician’s 50th birthday celebration.

A birthday party for NIU School of Music faculty member Fareed Haque will start at 7 p.m. Friday at The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

Haque, who is an associate professor in the School of Music, is a widely known guitarist who is celebrated for his jazz accomplishments. He has been featured on television programs like PBS and WTTW.

Haque has also been selected twice for the “Talent Deserving Wider Recognition” award in DownBeat magazine, according to his biography on the School of Music website.

Haque has also been a big influence in local music. He was the second official owner of The House Cafe, according to the House’s event planner, Matthew Clark, known as Jolly Baba.

Baba said he coordinated the event with Haque for Haque’s 50th birthday party.

Baba said Haque is a familiar face in the community and in local music.

“He’s super involved in jazz,” Baba said. “He’s active in the communiversity vibe.”

Many different people are expected to attend the event because of Haque’s popularity.

“There’s going to be faculty, students, and music lovers there,” said Baba. “It’s a fun and friendly party with lots of talent that comes out.”

At the event, many different bands will be performing, like Sound District and Bowling Night and the Pins. Both of these bands include students from NIU.

There will also be artwork featured from local artist Justin McAllister, who specializes in works created completely by Sharpie markers. His latest piece, which will be featured at the event, is a collage showing many different jazz artists.