University Bookstore begins book buybacks


Jacob Reeves, junior kinesiology major, is waiting patiently while the cashier is ringing up the textbooks he recently turned in on Monday at the Holmes Student Center. In return, Reeves will receive money for the books he sold to the Buyback program.

By Kevin Steiger

The University Bookstore teamed up with the Missouri Book Services (MBS) to launch the buyback program Monday.

The buyback program will give students the opportunity to resell their used textbooks. This service will be available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from today to Dec. 14 at Holmes Student Center.

Students who sell their books to the program will receive rewards. The rewards students receive may vary from a free Pepsi drink to a 20 percent off voucher on NIU clothing.

Junior kinesiology major Jakob Reeves was able to sell his books back without any conflicts.

“I just wanted to sell the books I didn’t need to make some cash,” Reeves said.

James Wayman, University Bookstore textbook manager, said the rewards will encourage students to sell their books to the store.

The pricing on the books will be based on the price the publisher sets. Students should check how much a third party would offer for their books, and then compare how much the buyback program will offer for them, said Patrick Lee, MBS account manager.

There are certain restrictions in selling books to the program, Wayman said. The book must be in usable condition for resell. Books with major tears and water damage will be declined for buyback. Also, the book must be adopted by a professor or instructor of the university, Wayman said.

“In order to sell a book just stop by the buyback stand, and an associate will take it from there,” Wayman said.

The bookstore will not lose any money as long as the books that are bought back are sold in the beginning for the spring semester, he said.

“The books that are bought will be resold for the next term,” Wayman said.