New police station faces redesigns

By Brooke Shinberg

The new DeKalb police station is starting to take a new shape because of recent redesigns.

The police station is being built on 700 W. Lincoln Highway. However, the original blueprint included more resources than are currently being included. Resources including a basement, another garage, a firing range and many smaller material changes will no longer be included in the building.

“The material changes are due to both aesthetics and pricing,” said T.J. Moore, director of public works.

DeKalb Police Lt. Jason Leverton said he doesn’t think the cuts to the additional resources are new.

“We knew going into it that we are building as much as we can for $12 million,” Leverton said. “It’s no surprise but [the] good news is some of the bids we are getting are lower than we expected.”

Moore said there was an original building design but it has morphed over time.

“We were presented a general footprint,” said 6th Ward Alderman Dave Baker. “I’m not in favor of cuts.”

Leverton said even with some resources being postponed, the station itself is an upgrade.

“Comparing it to the facility we are moving from, the new building will still be much larger and better than we have now,” Leverton said. “It’s very well suited for our needs.”

Leverton said the DeKalb Police Department was not disappointed. If the department grows or if DeKalb grows, the department may have to include the additional resources that they took out, down the line. Currently the building is suited for the department’s needs, he said.

Moore said if there ends up being money left over from the construction, it will be up to DeKalb City Council as to what they would like to see done with the remaining funds.

“The interest ratio on [the] bond is 2 percent,” Baker said. “I have never been in favor of limiting the project to $12 million.”

Moore said he believed this is the majority of the city council’s opinion.

“You don’t get a gold star for paying off something early,” said Baker. “The length of time it takes doesn’t matter as long as we get everything we want.” Baker said the City Council is willing to pay more if they come across something they think could be necessary. The design cuts could be going in front of the city council during the Monday meeting.