New candidate running for Mayor of DeKalb

By Sierra Lowe

A retired DeKalb Ag/Monsanto employee announced he will run for mayor of DeKalb come spring.

“I just have a community-centered spirit,” said John Rey, the newly announced candidate.

Current Mayor Kris Povlsen announced he would not be returning for another term on Sept. 21. Rey said he was inspired to get more involved and run for mayor after Povlsen’s announcement.

Rey was a participant on the city’s Fire and Police Commission, chairman of the city’s Economic Development Commission, served on the board of the Ben Gordon Center and was a member of the Safe and Quality Housing Task Force.

“I have a lot of respect for him,” Povlsen said. “I have known John for many years and I’m glad to see him running for mayor. My decision not to continue has nothing to do with criticism or hard work. It’s just the time in my life for a change. It’s been exciting and I’m proud of what’s been accomplished.”

Mayoral candidates must accumulate at least 239 signatures to appear on the ballot. Rey is currently about halfway to reaching that goal.

Rey said he carries his petition when he goes to different community events because he knows there will be some registered voters there.

Rey said voting is a job for citizens and it’s important to experience that.

If elected, Rey plans to meet with the city manager and city staff to go through the transition and see what their priorities are.

Regardless of the outcome of the mayoral race, Rey stressed the importance of voting.

“I registered to vote in the spring,” said Rachel Tauber, freshman physical therapy major. “Although I’m not that interested in politics, I know the importance of voting.”