Magical moments make a good song great

By Katie Finlon

It was just another day of hanging out with my friend and her family, and her father—knowing I’m a music enthusiast—asked me, “Have you heard of this blog called The Greatest Song Parts of All Time?”

Nope, not entire songs. Parts of songs.

I discovered the blog no longer exists—I really can’t imagine why—but, regardless, I thought it would be interesting to see what others thought of the idea.

So, after asking around, I have only begun the list:

“Some Nights Intro,” Fun., 2:53

“The entire song is just building and building, and then it gets to that part, and the lead singer just belts out this amazing note, and everything just feels amazing and complete in the song,” said sophomore English major Sam Bauman.

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” The Beatles, 0:00-0:20

“You think that it’s tuning for a concert band, and it turns into rock guitar,” said sophomore music education major Alexis Lamb. “It’s heavy, man.”

“Everything in its Right Place,” Radiohead, 0:00-0:07

“It’s so full and so dense,” said junior percussion performance major Jonny Gifford. “There’s heavy bass and you can hear all of the voices in the chord really well.”

I urge you to make your own list and, hopefully, someday the blog will rise again.

Katie’s picks:

“Living on a Prayer,” Bon Jovi, 3:15

This is my all-time favorite song part. Those three beats have the power to make or break you if you are singing this song on karaoke.

“The Candy Man,” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 2:16

The final chord has you wondering, “Is it going to resolve? Is it gonna?” And then it doesn’t. And then you’re not sure if you feel wonderful about it or completely unsettled.

“Trusted,” Ben Folds, 2:36

As a former classically-trained pianist, I loved everything about Ben Folds’s style. Rough around the edges, breaking piano strings—everything I was taught not to do, this guy did. At this part of the song, he literally takes his left fist and pounds it on the lower end of the key board. After you get over the fact that it happened, you realize that he actually made it work, and it was glorious.

Scene Staff Picks:

Jessica Cabe: “Soma,” Smashing Pumpkins, 3:30

Olivia Rajska: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga, 2:39

Sarah Contreras: “Rebellion (Lies),” Arcade Fire, 3:49

Beth Schumacher: “2nd Sucks,” A Day to Remember, 0:59

Kevin Bartelt: “Right On Time,” Skrillex, 1:38

Shelby Devitt: “MFEO,” Jack’s Mannequin, 2:45

Deanna Frances: “Guinevere,” Eli Young Band, 1:03

Roy Herrera: “Falling Down,” Atreyu, 0:34