Colorado shooting creates atmosphere for blame

By Katie Finlon

Sure, he might be guilty of plenty of things within the Gotham city limits, but you’d never think that Batman would be guilty by association in the real world.

The story of the shooting in the Aurora, Colo. midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises has been the focus of most major news outlets since early Friday morning.

The constant updates don’t help — first you hear about the journalist that escaped one shooting just to be a casualty in another, and then you hear about the six-year-old girl being the youngest among the killed movie-goers.

It doesn’t matter where you were when you heard about that unique midnight premiere — if you are anything like me, you might’ve stopped and thought, “Why would somebody ever do that? Why would you take advantage of a midnight premiere culture, cover your face with a mask and use it to ruin the lives of so many who just wanted to sit down and watch a good movie?”

Why would anyone ruin such a small yet happy thing for so many people?

I understand that bad things happen regardless, and that bad things happen to good people. It’s a truth of life, and it will be as long as violence exists.

It just seems like a cheap shot to easily ruin and forever taint something like a Christopher Nolan Batman movie.

The thing that upsets me the most, though, is when some people instantly draw parallels with Batman/the cast and the shooting.

What some of these people apparently don’t realize is that all he and the rest of the cast did was act in a movie; they had absolutely no control over what one “fan,” if you even want to call him that, did to ensue chaos. As far as they knew, they were acting in what Nolan claims to be the best and last of the Batman movies that he’ll direct, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Of course the cast is going to be so distraught that this horrible tragedy happened while their movie was playing. It absolutely doesn’t make it their fault, though. The idea of Christian Bale dressing as Batman and visiting the hospitalized patients in Aurora, however, is absolutely ridiculous.

Yes, it would be a nice sentiment. If he wants to do it on his own free will, then go for it, Christian. If the president can do it, then why not? More power to you. But you can’t just ask a celebrity to immediately drop everything and visit a hospital just because he happened to be on screen at that moment in time.

Think about it: If that happened anywhere else but a movie theater, would you still ask him to visit patients from the shooting? If it was any other movie, even, do you think the event would explode as much as it did with The Dark Knight Rises?


Just because it was a high-profile movie doesn’t mean it should have a part in what one person did to ruin the lives and happiness of others.