NIU police sell lost and found items at annual auction


Officer Dana Brisbon displays a replica skull at the NIU Police Auction on Saturday morning. The auction, which was held under the student bleachers of Huskie Stadium, auctioned off a variety of items, including bicycles, iPods, and purses. The proceeds were donated back to NIU.

By Ian Gough

Crowds of NIU students and DeKalb residents braced themselves against the cold and rain for the NIU police department auction Saturday.

The auction was from 9 a.m. to noon under the bleachers at the east gate of Huskie stadium.

Potential bidders were given numbered cards to place bids and raise earlier bids. Anyone wishing to bid on an auction item or purchase it may only pay with cash or check, the NIU police department website stated.

“This is a really good way for people to buy some things they might need for low prices, instead of having to pay for them at a retail store,” said NIU Police Lt. Jason John.

All of the proceeds from the auction go to NIU’s general revenue fund, where it is divided and used by NIU in areas needing the proceeds most, John said.

At the auction, rows of used bicycles in varying states of functionality lined an entire wall. A table near the entrance was littered with iPods, wallets, purses, video games, jewelry, backpacks, cameras and other items.

“All of the items here came from the lost and found or they were found around campus by one of our officers,” John said. “We always attempt to find the owner first but if they don’t claim it in six months, we auction it off.”

The most popular items tend to be bikes, John said. He said this year there were over 120 bicycles at the auction. “Our police departments accumulate abandoned goods that do still have value,” said DeKalb Mayor Kris Povlsen. Povlsen attended auctions in the past and is very supportive of the annual event.

“It’s good to put these items into the hands of people who may need them,” said Povlsen. “The auctions also ensure that the police department has adequate available space.”

John said sales and attendance depend heavily on the items and the weather. Despite the poor weather conditions on Saturday, John said he was pleased with the turnout.