DeKalb can expect cold mornings throughout week

By Olivia Willoughby

Mother Nature seems to be back to her old shenanigans again.

NIU Meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste said this week is going to be much colder than the last few weeks.

“It’s going to be chilly and windy through Thursday, and we’ll be up in the 50s tomorrow,” he said.

Sebenste also said winds will die down today, but DeKalb will still face some cold mornings.

“Temperatures will be around freezing every morning through Thursday,” he said.

Some students said they were not bothered by the recent chilly weather.

“It’s not as bad as it could be,” said Malcolm Nix, sophomore business management major. “Like during the winter, so I can’t complain. Last week it was warm and suddenly it changes. At least there are no unexpected storms, even though it will be raining this weekend.”

Despite the constantly fluctuating temperatures, Mariam Wassmann, director of information at the DeKalb County Farmer Buerau’s said weather has been decent for farmers to begin planting crops.

“Weather has a very big impact on our crops,” Wassmann said. “It’s been good up to this point. Although there’s a call for frost, some farmers have started planting and others are going to be starting later.”

Sebenste also predicted an incoming storm system for this weekend. Wassmann said this could set back farmers on their plans for planting crops.

Wassmann also said as soon as the “frost free date” passes, farmers can begin planting their crops. The “frost free date” is the time when meteorologists no longer predict frost.

“There’s no worry, because we’re fortunate here and get decent crops,” she said. “In the state of Illinois has only 17 percent of crops have been planted. From now through mid-May, farmers will plant their primary crops, corn and soybeans.”

Although Sebenste said it is too far away to tell now, nothing currently suggests a brutal summer, despite the heat DeKalb received last week.

“This does not mean we won’t have a hot spell or drought during the summer,” he said.