The Rant: Wait, the MLB season started?


Seattle Mariners rightfielder Ichiro Suzuki, left, celebrates with first baseman Justin Smoak after beating the Oakland Athletics 3-1 in their American League season opening MLB baseball game at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Wednesday, March 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

By Brian Thomas

For those of you who were wondering when the MLB season started, it already did.

Last night in Tokyo, Japan at 5:10 in the morning U.S. time, the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics kicked off the 2012 campaign in an 11 inning thriller.

The question I have is did anyone by some miracle see it?

The answer is no because no one in the U.S. other than people from Oakland and Seattle could see it because it was not televised in the U.S. Even if it was, it’s not like anyone would have got up to watch the game.

No. 2: no one has interest in a lackluster matchup between two teams that will battle it out for third and fourth place in the AL West, not even if the game happens to take place in Ichiro’s homeland.

If baseball is trying to increase its ratings and get back on the map, this is not how to do it, which is why I am baffled by Bud Selig’s decision.

With baseball taking a back seat to the NBA and NFL, Selig better think of something fast to save “America’s pastime” in the U.S. and make it relevant and important again.