The Rant: Broncos need to quit horsing around

By Matt Hopkinson

The Denver Broncos took one step forward, and two awkward clumsy steps back this off-season.

The step forward was without a doubt getting rid of a half-back masquerading as a quarterback Tim Tebow.

The first step backward was signing Peyton Manning. While I know Tebow was not their answer, Manning is not the answer either, it might not even be the right language. The man might very well play one snap and lose his ability to walk on his own, let alone, play football.

What becomes even more baffling on the heels of the Manning signing is signing former Chicago Bears quarterback Caleb Hanie.

Hanie had his chance to make himself money, and instead showed quarterbacking skills probably worse than Tebow. It seemed he had played his way out of a possible contract, not into one, or in a position where he very well might be called on to play important games for a team with potential.

In a strange turn of events, the Bears now have two former studs from Denver in Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall, and the Broncos added Hanie to their stable.