DeKalb Park District gearing up for spring

By Mary Diamond

The DeKalb Park District’s Summer Catalog will arrive in local mailboxes next week just in time for the earlier than usual spring warm-up.

“Believe it or not we’ve had people calling and asking if the pool’s open with all this warm weather,” said Lisa Small, Assistant Director at the DeKalb Park District. “But it takes us several weeks to get it cleaned and ready. Hopkins Pool opens Saturday, May 26.”

Outdoor park facilities are not officially open, and won’t have bathrooms accessible and water/power turned on, until April 1st, Small said. However, special use permits can be reserved for specific shelters ahead of time; reservations scheduling began March 1.

“People get happy with this warm weather,” said Eddie Villalobos, a resident of Rochelle who visited Hopkins park on Tuesday with his children. “It’s nice and big, with a lot of things for the kids to do.”

Golf courses are already open for play and next month the district will be hosting it’s second annual Twilight Easter Egg Hunt for children in fifth through eighth grades. The Twilight hunt begins at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 5 at Katz Park, Dresser Road, and will feature a special golden egg with a mystery prize inside.

For younger children, up to fourth grade, the traditional Easter Egg hunt will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 7 at Hopkins Park, Sycamore Road.

Last year’s fall program guide featured a survey about the Outdoor Parks and Recreation Master Plan, which asked participants questions about what features are important to them and which parks they visited most frequently.

“The Master Plan is about the kinds of things we need to think about for the next ten years,” Small said. “It’s about the vision.”

According to the Winter 2012 program guide released by the district, nearly 100 residents completed the survey. 45 percent of respondents ranked maintenance, trails and playgrounds as their top priorities. The full results of the survey will be released with the final presentation of the Master Plan, which is projected to be released next month, Small said.

The Spring/Summer program guide is available for download at the park district’s website.