Peter Miller (We Are the Willows)

We Are The Willows is the project of one singer/songwriter Peter Michael Miller.  He writes, arranges, and performs most all of the sounds you hear on his recordings. Voted in the Minneapolis City Pages as best male vocalist in 2011, the androgynous nature of his voice and lyrics makes the Willows’ music all the more alluring. Over sparse, hollow drum samples and acoustic guitars, Miller’s quavering; winged wail is the main focus of the band’s album, A Collection of Sounds and Something Like the Plague, as well as their live shows. Even at a crowded club on a chatty weeknight evening, Miller’s voice captivates, forcing the audience to shut up and direct its attention to the pin-prickling beauty of his emotive, eerily childlike delivery. Peter will be playing Friday night, March 23, at the House Cafe as part of the Green Paws Environmental Alliance’s show “ReUse-a-palooza”.