The Rant: NBA seasons should be 10 games shorter

By Sean Anderson

Thanks to the NBA lockout, this year’s season was shortened from the regular 82 games to 66.

Teams, like the Chicago Bulls, are facing more injuries and fatigue as they have to play as many as five games in a week, and sometimes even three games in a row.

Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, John Lucas III, Taj Gibson, Richard Hamilton and Joakim Noah have all seen some time on the sideline wearing civilian wear. Normally a injury like an sprained ankle can take a week off, but now that means he can miss up to five games.

Due to all of the injuries, Brian Scalabrine and others have had to fill in, and even take some big shots at times.

Here’s my proposal: shorten the season by another 10 games so players have enough time to rest and recover from any type of injuries.

I mean, really, who wants to see the playoffs played with the backups?