‘Frat Attack’ raises money for scholarships

By Kelly Bauer

For a few hours Saturday night, Frat Attack was back.

The seventh annual Frat Attack acts as an event to raise money for scholarships. Participating fraternities engage in a “stroll,” or dancing competition. Sororities drew fraternity names from a hat, then impersonated the fraternity they picked. At the end of the night, judges would score the sororities and choose a winner, said Wilonda Thornton, senior nursing major and Zeta Phi Beta member.

“We dress like boys; we talk like boys,” Thornton said. “We imitate the entire frat.”

When Frat Attack first started, alumnus and Phi Beta Sigma member Jerry Barnes said fraternity members pooled their personal funds to host the event. Frat Attack has since become profitable enough to help fund four scholarships, each worth at least $1,000, alumnus and Phi Beta Sigma member Jeremy Terry said.

“We make money and we give out our scholarships,” Terry said. “[Applicants] just write a paper. We know people are struggling.”

An after-party was held at the Recreation Center. Terry said the fraternities and the sororities tried to “mix it up” by making the event into a family affair where certain sororities had to imitate the fraternity to which they’re bound.

“It’s becoming more popular every year,” Barnes said.