Groundhog Day arrives amidst warm weather

By Linze Griebenow

Groundhog Day can sometimes feel like déjà vu.

The historical origins lie in European weather folklore where a small bear or badger emerges from its cave or hole. However, the contemporary American tradition can be traced back to a German-American’s diary entry.

Businessman and Pennsylvania resident James Morris wrote in 1841 his version of the German tale, but changed the animal to a groundhog, rather than a bear or badger.

From there, the legend has evolved into the groundhog and his shadow as the symbolic predictor of winter’s end.

Now, the city of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania hosts the largest Groundhog Day celebration in the U.S., as stated by .

Beginning in 1992, however, Groundhog Day gained an added cultural significance with the filming of the appropriately titled Groundhog Day, shot in Woodstock, Ill.

The movie, starring veteran Chicago actor Bill Murray, tells the tale of a man who wakes up everyday and cannot stop re-living Groundhog Day.

While most years the groundhog has seen his shadow and six more weeks of winter is to come, DeKalb residents, will have a unique Groundhog Day with the Weather Channel predicting a high of 49 degrees.