Tapa la Luna reopens


Tapa La Luna, 226 E. Lincoln Highway, reopened Tuesday.

By Olivia Willoughby

After two months of closed doors, Tapa la Luna is back in business.

Tapa La Luna, 226 E. Lincoln Highway, reopened Feb. 14. Co-owner Robert Deshazer, said he and his partners struggled to reopen, but is now excited to return.

“We’re very happy to have it back,” Deshazer said. “We’d like to dispel any misconceptions and extend a welcoming hand to everyone in the community and surrounding communities.”

Despite its closing, the owners of Tapa La Luna are looking at the future with optimism.

“I think we’re going to thrive here for a long time,” said co-owner and chef Chad Warborg. “We just felt like DeKalb needed this type of environment, and we hated to see it close.”

To Warborg, the reopening will allow him to reveal more of his creative side.

“It’s an opportunity to show off my culinary expertise,” Warborg said. “I can get to see what people like and don’t like.”

The owners did not comment on why the business closed, but they did say they would make some changes.

Tapa la Luna will now be open Monday to Saturday at 4 p.m. Deshazer said the menus will also get some “renovations” as they try to keep a contemporary feel inside the restaurant.

“It’s so people know there’s going to be something new,” Deshazer said. “We’re also working on getting some cooking classes and wine tasting. Something that will be new for DeKalb.”

Server Heaven Macarus has been working at Tapa La Luna for almost four years and said there is nothing else like working there.

“I really believe in this place,” Macarus said. “I give up almost all of my time for this place. I love working with people and I love the food. It feels like you kind of leave DeKalb and go to another place.”

The owners hope to help bring in both new jobs as well as students and other residents to the downtown area.

“There are wonderful things downtown,” Deshazer said. “I hope us being open gives people another reason to be here. And students are certainly welcome here. It’s nice to be able to have options.”

A DeKalb resident for eight years, Deshazer said he loves the area, but hates seeing businesses close.

“Anytime I see a restaurant or business close, it eliminates options,” Deshazer said. “I’m very compassionate about this restaurant and I’m looking forward to the future.”