The Chin Man


Northern Star File Photo Colin Sullivan balances a chair on his chin.

By Matt Hopkinson

Some students get recognized for their academic achievements, some for their athletic performances, and some still for their bizarre abilities.

Junior physical education major Colin Sullivan will perform a halftime routine at Thursday’s NIU women’s basketball game, in which he balances objects on his chin.

Sullivan has never performed at NIU before, nor in the DeKalb area, only in his hometown of Oswego, Ill. Sullivan is also a practice player for the women’s squad, and has taken players and coaches by surprise with his talent.

“I had no idea he could do that, it’s crazy,” said Huskies coach Kathi Bennett. “He’s just a great practice player for us. He’s consistent and does what he’s asked. Someone leaked his Youtube video and we all stood in the office and watched it. Since then, we’ve asked him to balance things like a garbage can just for fun.”

Sullivan has appeared on television shows for his performances, including winning $20,000 on a Regis & Kelly talent search.

But Sullivan has also been seen performing his talent in the classroom as well. Once one of his instructors asked the always dreaded question of ‘Tell me something interesting about yourself?’, and Sullivan provided a live demonstration.

“I thought he was going to drop the desk on his head,” Cait Moran, said junior physical education major. “But he balanced it, for like ten seconds. I’ve never seen anyone do that before. It was pretty cool.”

Sullivan first learned he had the talent in high school, because his dad did it when he was little.

When asked if he would do this if he could make a living or if he would rather teach, Sullivan had to think for a moment.

“I would do it on the side,” Sullivan said. “I’d have to be pretty big time to do it full time.”