The Rant: Buy into the Lin hype

By Dustin King

Every once in awhile, an athlete comes along that’s so polarizing, he is always the topic of discussion.

Jeremy Lin has become just that.

About two months ago, he was a free agent and clueless if his NBA dream would become reality.

Now he’s been receiving a lot of hype and attention, but there are still plenty of doubters.

Doubters across the nation feel his time will let up, and he’ll be a forgotten story.

But with a player like Lin, who pretty much went unnoticed his whole career, don’t count on him being a failure.

It’s the kind of determination you need from a star player.

Lin was undrafted, cut by two teams and played for the D-League. So far, he’s show he can over come the adversity that’s been thrown his way.

Can he handle the intense New York media? And can he keep his success going?

We will all have to wait and see, but you should enjoy the show.