Students petition for Ron Paul appearance

By Jordan Birchfield

Youth For Ron Paul NIU is attempting to have the Republican primary candidate appear in DeKalb during his Illinois visit next week.

The group hopes to persuade Ron Paul to add a DeKalb county stop.

“We hope to get Ron Paul to stop by either March 6 or 7 during his tour of Illinois.” said Ryan Michie, senior psyschology major and director for the Ron Paul Campaign in DeKalb County.

The group created a petition asking Paul to add a DeKalb stop to his tour.The petition asks for signatures from NIU students and local residents, Michie said.

Michie said he believes a visit from Paul would get DeKalb residents more involved politically.

The drive to get Ron Paul to appear in DeKalb is also run by Students for Liberty member Mitch Downey..

Downey, who describes himself as an independent, said Paul’s beliefs aren’t always the same as his, but still wants the Republican to stop in DeKalb.

“I do not completely agree with all of Ron Paul’s policies, but I think it would be good for DeKalb to have Paul stop here,” Downey said.

Despite usually not supporting politicians, Students for Liberty still supports the petition.

“Students for Liberty do not usually get involved with politicians but since Ron Paul’s platform coincides with our ideology, and we feel it is very important to get Paul to come to DeKalb,” said Mike Theodore, president of Students for Liberty said.

“I am very certain about the chances of Paul appearing.” Theodore said. “It will bring many people to DeKalb, since no other Republican candidates are coming to Illinois.”

Michie said that the petition already has 400 to 500 signatures.