What’s on your NIU bucket list

By Aaron Brooks

Come May 11, I am gone. Goodbye NIU. But before I graduate, there are a few more things I have to do: see a play, give out free hugs in the MLK Commons and howl from the roof of the Holmes Student Center. Three items left on my bucket list. What is on yours?

Senior psychology major Ariel Finney: Be Victor E. Huskie.

“No one but my friends would know, so I could be goofy. I would be running around like, ‘I am a mascot.’”

Senior psychology major Kevin Severson: Be a fan.

“I live 75 miles off campus, so I have not been able to make it to a sporting event. Before I graduate I want to go see a hockey game. As an alumnus I will come back and be in the Red Riot.”

Jaciel Cathey, junior English major: Attend Tugs.

“Tugs is a really big deal at NIU, I just have not had time in past years to go. I do not think I am going to get wild, but I am definitely going to support for my fellow Huskies.”

Steven Wojciak, senior psychology major: Rage harder.

“Not much to say about. Just no limits, lamp shade on the head partying.”

Shaayna Day, senior sociology major: Give back.

“I want to organize a unity day where students can gather and show who we truly are. The violence associated with NIU needs to be addressed, but we are better than that. That I know.”

Ryan Pumroy, senior media studies major: Say thank you.

“I want to show gratitude to those professors who went above and beyond. I know everything they taught will make me a success.”

Maria Evstatieva, junior social science major: Be the boss.

“It would be so cool to go into a classroom dressed in a business suit and start teaching class. I would be a strict teacher, but let the class out early.”

Junior biology major Fayrouz Malkosh : Go on another date.

“I want to go to Ellington’s. I heard they have great food, three courses, for $9. (Looks to her friend) Hey, you should take me.”

Senior pre-physical therapy major Brittni Heavin : Be invited back.

“I have worked hard by maintaining a 3.7 grade point average with observation hours, I want to come back. You better believe I will celebrate if I get invited.”

Ryan Meadow, senior media studies major: Say goodbye.

“I want to take flowers to the memorial for those Huskies that will never leave. We live the lives they had taken from them. Every Huskie should say goodbye.”

Well, my list just got longer. Better get started. Who needs a hug?