SA Senate prepares for elections

By Felix Sarver

The Student Association (SA) Senate set nominations for members of the Board of Elections Sunday.

The Senate opened the floor for Senators to vote for members to sit on the Board of Elections for the SA executive branch elections in the spring. Senators on the board will work with recently-elected Election Commissioner Jasmine Harvell to monitor candidates. During the next meeting, the Senate will vote on five members to sit on the board.

The nominations for the board were Brandon Grosz, Kelsey Shockey, Sebastian Hentbrook, Derek Maple, Seth Peritz, Ariel McClay, Tori Frank and Alan Hurt.

Senate Speaker Austin Quick was absent from Sunday’s meeting. Senator Zach Fiegel said in his report that Quick was not able to attend the meeting because a family member died. Before the meeting, Fiegel said he was chosen to stand in for Quick because he had the second longest standing as a Senator and the Senator with the first longest standing, Mike Theodore, was absent.

Danielle Blanks, first year law student, was confirmed as associate justice of the SA Supreme Court.

“I would like to help promote justice and fairness in this university where students and organizations are able to have their causes encouraged,” Blanks said.

Mass Transit Chairman Joshua Venaas said in his report that the last run for Huskie Bus Route 3 will begin at 8:55 p.m. instead of 7:55 p.m. in the future to accommodate students taking a night class.

The Senate will not meet Feb. 19. Fiegel said no meeting was planned when the Senate agreed on the schedule for the rest of the semester. Fiegel said there was not enough agenda items for the meeting and Quick had a commitment on the day of the next meeting. Five Senators were absent from the meeting.