The Rant: Colts need to dump Peyton Manning

By Dustin King

Now that the NFL season ended with the New York Giants and Eli Manning winning the Super Bowl, Eli’s older brother, Peyton has a uncertain future.

Should he stay or leave the Indianapolis Colts?

If you’re Colts owner Jim Irsay, the answer is let him go.

We all know what Peyton has brought to the table his whole career in Indianapolis. Maybe no other quarterback has dominated the game the way he has.

He’s won a record four MVPs and brought a Super Bowl Championship to the Colts organization.

That said, it’s 2012, and he’s coming off a serious neck injury.

Who knows how effective he’ll be next season? It’s not worth taking the risk, especially with the Colts having the first pick in this year’s NFL draft.

The Colts should draft Andrew Luck and build for the future by trading Peyton for other key pieces.

It may sound cruel, but that’s just the nature of the NFL.