How divine for DeKalb


Singer/songwriter Kim Divine, seen here in an updated press release photo, is performing at The House Cafe on Feb. 4.

By Lindsey Diehl

Musicians are adapting to the change in new music sources nationwide.

With artists finding success through song placement rather than radio play, many take any opportunity they can.

“The more you just get out there, it leads to everything else,” said Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Kim DiVine.

In 2004, the Amos Lee and John Mayer-inspired musician journeyed from a small town in Maryland to California to submerge herself into the music scene. At the start of her career, DiVine drew audiences in by hanging up posters and playing at local open mics. Now, she’s making her way to DeKalb 5 p.m. Saturday at the House Café, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

Nowadays, Divine and many other indie artists are getting their music heard on a much larger scale.

DiVine’s catchy, pop-folk tunes have been featured on hit televisions shows, The Real World, Teen Mom 2 and One Tree Hill. Jell-O even chose DiVine’s voice to back its jingle, “Little Things,” which ran straight for over a year.

“I felt very fortunate that I got to sing a jingle because its something that’s a lot more permanent than just like being an actor in a commercial. It’s actually like their catch phrase that they could be using,” she said.

As music video countdowns and radio stations are vanishing more frequently, the techniques that artists are using to get their music heard is much different than those of the past. The singer explains that music placements in television and film are becoming the newest source of music discovery.

“Now people are paying attention so much more to the songs that are placed in T.V. and film because the T.V. shows are making it more accessible to find out more about the artist,” she said.

Television shows and advertisements are more frequently placing artists’ names and song titles on screen as they are featured. Television networks like MTV and VH1 even have episodes’ music featured on their websites.

DiVine said these placements have helped the artist reach a different audience.

“It has been wonderful because every little thing that I’ve done opens a new door to someone else,” she said.

DiVine’s popularity is reaching new heights as the artist released her first ever music video for the single, “Perfect Kind of Love”.

This hit as well as others from Divine’s EP “Five” will be played during a live acoustic set Saturday.