Five minutes with Dominick Moyer

By Mike Romor

Coming out of college, Dominick Moyer expected to never competitively wrestle again. His interest in wrestling never faded, however, and he now enters his fourth season as an assistant coach for the Huskies wrestling program.

Moyer found time to talk to the Northern Star about his role with the team, his future aspirations and daughter, Vivianne.

Northern Star: Entering your fourth season with the team, what are your primary responsibilities?

Dominick Moyer: My primary responsibility is to set up the travel and get things ready. I do recruiting and look for new kids, we all do that collectively, but I kind of head the way for that; so pretty much recruiting, traveling, and of course working with the guys.

NS: Have you taken a bit of a different role this season since Ryan Ludwig moved from assistant to head coach?

DM: He’s given me a lot more responsibility. I went from doing the academics to now doing a lot more of the paperwork with the travel and recruiting, so yeah, definitely a lot more responsibility.

NS: Has there been any change within the program since Dave Grant’s departure?

DM: We are still looking to reach new heights with MAC Championships, NCAA All-Americans, national champs and top ten finishes at NCAA. Those are still the top priorities for us.

NS: When you wrapped up your collegiate career at Nebraska, was the plan to continue wrestling or look to become a coach?

DM: I never really had the feel to go back into competitive wrestling. It may have crossed my mind, but I never really thought much of it. I didn’t think coaching was going to be in the plan either, I enjoyed it and everything, but then it worked out. At Nebraska I got the volunteer assistant job, and it kind of went from there. It was a great choice and I don’t look back and regret it, but at first I really didn’t think I’d be coaching.

NS: So with the way things have gone, is your goal to stick around coaching and try to become a head coach eventually?

DM: Definitely. I think everyone, once in the coaching world, definitely wants to be the head coach and lead the way and everything. But you have to pay your dues and make your way up. I started as a volunteer, then second assistant and now head assistant getting to know the system.

NS: Occasionally you bring your daughter to the wrestling room during practice. Do you feel that you can balance your time between the road trips, late nights and being with your family?

DM: I think I can balance my time pretty well. On the road I do miss a lot, but it’s amazing, with the phones and text messaging and pictures and all that, how often I get to see her. Now that she’s talking more I can even have conversations on the phone with her. On days that the babysitter’s not open, I get to bring her to work and like you said, you see her in the wrestling room and she enjoys it a lot. She likes to play with all the equipment. I do miss some things, but I can balance pretty well between work and family.