Prepare yourself: Studying for finals

By Hailey Kurth

It comes around once a semester and it can make or break a student.

Finals week has the ability to grab the attention of thousands of students for a few days. Those students need to know how to prepare for their tests or their grades could be in jeopardy.

Alicia Czachowski, assistant director at Health Enhancement, said college students should not pull all-nighters.

“They’d be better off studying for a while, closing their book, getting a good night sleep, and maybe getting up a little earlier to review their notes, rather than stay up all night trying to cram,” Czachowski said.

Junior biology major Vivian Thomas said students should go over what they don’t know while studying. They shouldn’t waste time on the stuff they already know, Thomas said.

“Any information that I need, I write it down 100 times,” said junior biology major Vivian Thomas.

Thomas said she combines preparation for more than one class’s final in each study session so she doesn’t “get stuck on one thing.”

A well-balanced diet can also help students optimize brain power, said Cori Newman, a dietetic intern at Campus Recreation Nutrition Services. Studies show eating breakfast improves attention and is associated with higher academic achievement, Newman said.

“An example would be whole grain oatmeal or cereal topped with fruit and nuts,” Newman said.

Czachowski said students should stick to healthy things while they prepare for finals. They should stay hydrated and get enough sleep, she said.

Thomas said it’s hard for her to study in her dorm, so she goes to the library, but said students should study in the environment they learn the best in.

“Just take breaks,” Thomas said. “If you have to get up, and take some fresh air, then do that.”

Czachowski said students should find what works for them as a stress-reliever to do during their study breaks.

“Schedule time to socialize with friends, play a video game, play online, or do some exercises,” Czachowski said.