Deadlines approach for intramurals

By Abbe Barton

Registration deadlines for spring intramural sports are approaching quickly.

Currently, indoor soccer, racquetball, floor hockey, wiffleball and wallyball are coming to the end of their seasons as the fall semester ends.

The gathering of teams and schedules for next spring are in progress.

Sports that are offered in the spring include 5 on 5 basketball, dodgeball, racquetball doubles, floor hockey, 16″ softball and rock paper scissors. Also BASEketball, 4 on 4 flag football and badminton doubles are offered as tournaments.

“This semester, team registration went extremely well,” said Rhonda Hampton, assistant director of Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs. “Additionally, we have extended the season to a four-week season, instead of a three-week season with teams fees being priced at a three-week season. With three sports yet to start, we have had approximately 279 teams register for different activities/sports.”

Intramural sports are ways some players stay in shape on their off seasons. It also gives athletes or the everyday student an opportunity to try something new.

“This is my first year playing indoor soccer and it’s turned out to be a lot of fun,” said junior marketing major Ron LaPage. “A few guys from my high school were all playing and suggested [I] join. I’m definitely glad I did.”

Indoor soccer ends Nov. 17, and people are allowed to join the team at any time up until the last day.

Many of the sports have weekly practices, and some even conduct try outs, taking it to the next level of competition. However, the sports are very flexible with students’ schedules.

“I can’t wait until floor hockey season starts,” said senior electrical engineer major Scott Morris. “I play on the + team, and we’ve made it to the playoffs two years in a row. I hope to make it this year again.”

Although the registration for some spring sports doesn’t start until the first day of classes in January, in a few weeks, the first semester will be over and the new schedules will be distributed.

“We are expecting a higher turnout of teams and participants because of the changes in leagues structure, league registration and league offerings,” Hampton said. “Last year we had approximately 204 teams register.”