SA Senate approves supplemental funding for two student groups


Gavin Weaver, Northern Star- Student Senate Speaker Austin Quick speaks to the student senate issues including the lack of a student grievance policy. The senate hopes to address this issue in the coming weeks.

By Felix Sarver

Supplemental funding for two Student Association groups was approved by the SA Senate Sunday.

The Ice Hockey Club and College Parents Group received supplemental funding after much debate among the senators resulting in roll call votes.

Corean Davis, College Parents Group treasurer, appealed to the Senate for $1,300 in supplemental funding. The funding would go toward the group’s “Christmas for Kids” program in which unfortunate children are given food and toys from sponsors, Davis said.

Senators debated whether the group should receive funding. The SA policy for supplemental funding states the funding is to be used for emergency instances and not for programs, concerts, speakers, films and food.

Many senators decided against funding the group based on this policy but suggested they work with the group to find funding another way.

“Yes it is a heartwarming service. I do think we should look at other avenues that we can work together to get money for that organization,” said Senate Speaker Austin Quick.

Senator Shatoya Black said the group deserved funding as many of the people serviced by this program are NIU students themselves and it is also for charity.

After a roll call vote, the bill was approved 20-15.

Mike Sible, president of the Ice Hockey Club, appealed to the Senate for $6,700 in supplemental funding. Sible said the funding would help the club cover expenses for practicing on ice rinks. The Ice Hockey Club does not use any facilities on campus and has to travel 30 to 45 minutes away to ice rinks. The ice rinks charge $335 an hour to use, Sible said.

The current budget of the club is $70,000. The club “off sets” the amount of money it receives and uses by participating in fundraisers, Sible said.

Senator Paul Julion asked Sible if the club has asked for donations from members. Sible said they do receive donations but there is no amount for donations set. Senator Eli Mackenzie asked if the facility the club uses is the only place they could go and if they could negotiate lower prices. Sible said the facility the club uses is the cheapest one it could use.

After a roll call vote, the bill was approved 19-17.

In his Speaker’s Report, Quick said a large amount of student fees go toward campus facilities some students don’t use and some students find to be in poor condition. Quick said he is working with SA President Elliot Echols and SA Advisor John Jones III on this issue and wants the help of the Student Association.

The Senate became full again with the induction of Richard Young as a new senator. The NIU Pre-Veterinary Medicine Association was recognized. Thirty-eight out of 40 senators attended the meeting.