Six DeKalb businesses fail tobacco check

By Northern Star Staff

Six DeKalb businesses failed tobacco compliance checks performed by the DeKalb Police Department Thursday, police reports state.

According to police reports, an agent working for the DeKalb Police Department entered each store and attempted to purchase a pack of cigarettes. Employees at several stores checked the agent’s identification but allowed the agent to purchase cigarettes anyway. When questioned, employees told police they misread the birth date on the agent’s identification. Employees at two businesses did not check the agent’s age at all, police reports state.

The businesses reported for failing the compliance check were

-Hot Spot Food & Deli, 901 Lucinda Ave. Suite J,

-7-Eleven, 930 N. Annie Glidden Road,

-7-Eleven, 802 S. Fourth St.,

-Road Ranger, 1734 Sycamore Road,

-Huskies Tobacco, 1023 W. Hillcrest Drive,

-Walgreens, 100 W. Lincoln Highway.

The employees who sold the agent cigarettes were issued citations and court dates by DeKalb Police.