5 minutes with Kelsey Passaglia

By Matt Hopkinson

For many athletes, the dream is to win a championship, set records and have success as an individual.

For graduating senior forward/midfielder Kelsey Passaglia, she never did the first, came close to the second, but definitely got the third at NIU. Passaglia talked with the Northern Star about her future plans.

Northern Star: What was one thing you learned from your time as an athlete at NIU?

Kelsey Passaglia: The biggest thing I took from NIU and playing sports was that it’s not really about the record. Of course you love to win and go far, but it’s not really about the record. Twenty years from now, you’re going to look back at the memories we created and the lessons we learned. It’s not, ‘Oh yeah I remember when we played Toledo and the score was blah, blah, blah.’

NS: Can you pinpoint one favorite memory during your time playing soccer?

KP: There are way too many. Honestly, I could not pick out a favorite. We would pull pranks on the road and make freshmen sing karaoke on the road.

Just goofy things like coach always falling in practice. We just had so many good times.

NS: Could you imagine having gone through your time at college without playing soccer?

KP: Definitely not. Even after being done for not even a week following the end of the season, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

NS: What was a regret, if any, you have from your time playing?

KP: I don’t really have any. If I could do it all over again I would; I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved the girls I played with, I loved the coaching staff and I loved every part of it. Obviously there’s games where you’re going to be upset or thought you could have played better, but in the end it’s been a great four years.

NS: Are you going to be involved with soccer in any form in the future?

PS: Yeah I’m actually going to start helping (from assistant coach Jason Burr), coach at the NIFC club. Hopefully, I’m looking to put in an application to start being an assistant coach at a Division I college program and work my way up to being a head coach at a D-I program. It’s definitely a big part of my life.

NS: Any last words for the players who will be returning next season?

PS: It goes extremely fast. I can remember my first meeting with the coaches and then the first freshmen meeting we had. It all seems like yesterday, it flies by. Live up every second you can, and each year goes quicker and quicker. Think of memories; it’s not about the losses and wins. It’s all about the memories and the people you meet.