Boots, boots, boots rockin’ everywhere


Senior sociology major Samantha Carlson shows off her boots.

By Melissa McKenna

In this blistering winter season, there’s only one thing that truly guarantees a warm trek across campus: boots.

In the snow and through the biting cold wind, a sturdy pair of boots is exactly what one needs to avoid these unfortunate hypothermic temperatures. Don’t surrender to the puffy layering that turns your body into a walking marshmallow; instead, throw on a pair of stylish boots and go from frumpy to trendy.

For women, it’s more than easy to find a pair of boots that are perfect for the cold. Department stores offer hundreds of boot options to choose from, and it’s nearly impossible not to find at least three pairs of boots to bring home. That said, one needs to be selective when picking her boot of choice.

If you’re looking for something stylish to keep you warm, but not necessarily to walk through snow with, aim for knee high or calf length boots. Either suede or leather, there are plenty of varieties to choose from.

“I love the knit sweater Uggs: the ones with wool in the inside,” said Mary Walter, sophomore business administration major. “They’re so warm and incredibly comfortable. On cold days where it rains, I rock the rain boots. I also have ankle booties which are cute and go with just about everything.”

Though ankle booties are both cute and stylish, they cover less of your legs, therefore making you much more susceptible to goose bumps. For the winter, it’s smart to stick with higher cut boots that cover more skin.

Snow boots are a bit more challenging to shop for mainly because they can get bulky. Mostly made with overwhelming amounts of rubber and faux fur, snow boots can quickly cross the line between warm and tacky. My go-to option for snow boots are hunter boots. Sleek and perfect for the snow, they come in many colors and styles. Plus, they don’t get salt stains, and you can buy wool inserts for extra added warmth.

By a landslide, men are much easier to find winter boots for. Stores like Colombia and North Face offer stylish and less bulky options. Ankle cut, rubber and lace up are mostly the only options when it comes down to when looking for men’s boots.

“In the winter, I wear Timberland work boots,” said junior business major Mike Chamberlain. “They’re waterproof, which is good for me because I do a lot of work outside around my house during the wintertime such as putting up Christmas decorations. Unlike tennis shoes, they won’t get wet and cold around my toes.”

This winter, say goodbye to cold feet and get yourself a pair of boots. Both you and your feet will thank me.