Seniors reflect on four-year careers as Huskies

By Matt Hopkinson

Not everyone gets the opportunity to go to college, nor does everyone get the chance to do what they love for a few years.

The four graduating seniors from the NIU women’s soccer team can say they had both of those opportunities during their time here, as well as a plethora of others.

“One thing I learned from my time as an athlete here at NIU is time management,” laughed senior defender/midfielder Megan Harry. “I think I learned a lot about myself and how to react in different situations. The appropriate approach to go about things. I’ve learned something from each choice I’ve made. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Although none of the graduating seniors were record-breaking performers, they were all students of the game and role models for the younger players who will return next season.

“I would have to say the value of friendship and family is essentially what you leave with,” said senior goal-keeper Meaghan Bennett. “Finding the true value in the people I’m with along side with still being competitive.”

Bennett had a fitting last season, as she finally had her first career start on Senior Day and started in her last game of the season as well.

For all of the seniors, attending college went hand in hand with playing soccer, without any question or regret.

“Soccer is something I’ve always liked,” said senior midfielder/forward Becca Ford. “Having the opportunity to play in college is something I couldn’t picture not having done. There’s no regrets. There’s ups and downs, but that’s something that comes with any sport.”

Many athletes find little refuge in playing without getting results.

The seniors, however, still found value in a season that was far from successful.

“Seeing the way all us girls came together, we weren’t doing well; were not winning much,” Harry said. “I’d have to say [bonding on the road trip] was one of my favorite memories.”

Bennett agrees the camaraderie formed on road trips were her favorite memories as well.

“This last trip to Buffalo was awesome, as well as our big trip to Creighton a few years ago,” Bennett said. “The road trips and the goofy things that come with them are the one thing I will remember most.”

Not only was playing soccer here something they found a necessity, walking away after this season doesn’t seem possible, either.

“I don’t know if it will be right away, but I definitely think so,” Bennett said. “[Soccer] has defined who I am for the last 18 years of my life. To just drop it cold turkey seems impossible. I want to give back to this sport at least a portion of what it’s given me.”